About SGC

Join us on October 20th 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

About the event

SGC is an annual conference on the development, design, marketing and business of game development.


Exhibition and Convention Centre (Gospodarsko razstavišče)
Ljubljana, Slovenia


20 October 2018

About Slovenian Games Conference

SGC will be held at the Exhibition and Convention Centre in Ljubljana on the 20th of October. With last year’s event hosting around 300 attendees from Slovenia and abroad, SGC is looking to further establish itself as a serious games conference in the Adriatic region. The program will feature the main conference with an indie expo, creating great opportunities and a place to network. All indie games, presented in the Indie Expo Area will be competing for the Indie Audience Choice Award.

The event will focus on a number of activities that together represent a process of video game development. Technical development, design, marketing, art and PR experts will hold lectures and multiple Slovenian and foreign indie studios will present their products to the visitors.

Participants are welcomed to test, give feedback and chat with the presenters and developers.

For whom is this conference?

SGC is a conference focused on the games industry, meant for game developers, artists, audio experts, managers, PR, marketing experts, or sales and publishing representatives in addition to the experts we want to invite students and individuals who are interested in the industry.

Sponsorship options

There is a wide variety of sponsorship options available and we would be happy for any support. For more information please reach out directly to crtomir@gamesslovenia.si

About the organizer

SGC is organized by the Slovenian Game Developers Association – Games Slovenia as an initiative to support and represent the Slovenian and regional games industry.

Need more information about the event?

If you need more information about SGC 2018 conference or wish to contact us, reach out to us directly at sgc@gamesslovenia.si